Our Background

AcordIQ was founded by financial industry insiders who understand the full spectrum of private equity fees, particularly carried interest, and all the complexity and nuances that come with calculating and verifying investment cost.

We injected our industry expertise into the design of our platform and application toolkit, allowing us to deliver a systematic solution to a growing problem and bring together investors and asset managers to raise the level of fee reporting to the quality the industry needs and deserves.

AcordIQ’s business model and organization is solely dedicated to being the best partner to investors, investment managers and their partners to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of private equity products and services, and to catalyze industry change to align the interest of the carry market participants. Through continued collaboration and growing investor adoption of our solution and approach, we are on pace to set the gold standard for investment cost accounting and reporting.

AcordIQ is a privately held and funded company, headquartered in New York City, with offices in Europe and Asia.

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