Shadow Waterfall Administration Service

AcordIQ managed service provides you with an independent quality check for accuracy and compliance of fee and carried interest modeling, calculations and reporting within existing back office fund accounting workflow and operations.

Service Benefits

Simplified waterfall model construction and validation

Systematic verification of your fee and carry calculations (Fund, Investor and Deal level)

Built-in hypothetical cash flow and carried interest planner and scenario analytics

Key Service Features include:

Source system agnostic

Import/Export Utility for easy data integration

State-of-the-Art Technology (web interface and secure cloud access)

Sophisticated Waterfall modeling capability

Flexible and multi-tiered carry arrangements

Fixed or floating rate Preferred Returns calculations

Automated Fee and Carry calculation

Independent fund, investor and portfolio allocation and fee tracking

Analysis and reporting (Carry, Fees, Capital)

Reconciliation and resolution of differences

Hypothetical cashflow / carry planning & scenario analysis

Access to AcordIQ’s Private Equity subject matter experts

Service Packages

Fund Shadow Waterfall Verification Service

A simple and seamless step in your back office periodic fee and profit allocation calculation and investor disclosure
for higher assurance and accounting coherence

Annual Subscription per fund

Waterfall Model Health Check Service

An independent ‘health check’ of your waterfall models for quality, calculation accuracy and assurance

Fixed pricing per fund / Waterfall model verification

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